Y Drive technical resources

Some useful documents available to download

I've uploaded a few technical documents to my website in recent years. I've posted them before in car forums but thought I would shout out the links here too. Hopefully it will help anyone looking for this info find it.

In some cases I've collected the information from elsewhere and others I've scanned and uploaded documents by hand. I'll update this page with any more I make available in future.

Rover downloads
MEMS Paper - a whitepaper describing how the Rover Modular Engine Management System (ECU) works

Alfa downloads
Alfa Romeo GTV 916 Owners Manual / Handbook (original - larger download)

Alfa Romeo GTV 916 Owners Manual / Handbook (cropped & compressed)

Surveys / Questionnaires
Automotive hobbies raw data - data from a survey I ran in 2016 relating to automotive hobbies

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