Y Drive

I mess about with cars a lot, this is about capturing some of the fun.

‘The Garage’ can like many inanimate objects reflect the organic nature of our lives.

This photo captures some of that change. The Garage is a place you may sometimes stare into, aghast and frustrated at what it represents: things that need fixing, projects that have stalled, and space that one day you hope to reclaim. But this is a less pleasant aspect of human nature - we sometimes can’t help focusing through a narrow lens of negativity and fail to look at the bigger picture.

We are lucky if we have a garage to fill with junk, and that our lives are busy enough that there are projects to stall, or that we could contemplate starting a project in the first place.

Some objects, like cars for example, are so much a part of our lives that many of us anthropomorphise them. It’s a charming reflection of the fact that we don’t always focus on the negative or purely practical nature of things.

Which brings me onto the subject matter of this blog / newsletter / new-fangled way to collate words and pictures and share them with the world: I’m going to try and write a bit, every so often, about my tinkering with cars, but also try and show a glimpse of why it is an enjoyable pass-time.

It’s the perfect time to try and do this because I have a new (20 year old) car waiting to be picked up soon, and I hope to share a bit about the experience.

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